About Us

Welcome to Jonnys Oilfield Hauling.

Jonnys is an independently owned and operated light and heavy-duty Canadian transportation company in Nisku, AB.

Jonnys began in 2004 as a one-man, one-truck, one-trailer operation primarily focused on providing hot-shot deliveries within Alberta. Since then, we have diversified our portfolio and hauling abilities with many truck and trailer combinations, and our geographical area has expanded across Western Canada.

In 2021, Jonnys moved to a larger facility still in Nisku, AB, where we provide storage space for our customers. As we expand, we continue to pursue our goal of making Jonnys the Standard of Excellence for customized full-service transport in the oilfield and construction industry. We carefully orchestrate all stages and dimensions of hauling and unique trailer combinations, providing 1 & 2-Ton small-load hauling, heavy hauling, bed trucks, and pickers services.

Jonnys has grown into a multi million-dollar corporation and is crucial in handling overweight and over-dimensional cargo in the heavy haul. We maintain a new and modern fleet, offering a more reliable service.

With our modern fleet, top-of-the-line service, quality maintenance programs, and the very best in qualified personnel and high safety programs, Jonnys continues to lead the industry and provide the best service to its customers.

Quality staff is an integral part of any business. At Jonnys, we combine enthusiasm to get the job done right with wisdom gained from a depth of knowledge and business experience.

Operating 24/7, we strive to exceed our clients’ needs and continue leading the industry. Our dedicated drivers and staff aim to execute every job safely, efficiently, and professionally. Jonnys can transport various-sized loads, with hauling abilities from a pickup truck up to a 16-wheel jeep, 24-wheel mid-range, and 18-wheel booster combinations for all oversized load needs.

Equipment includes:

  • Tri-Drive Tractors with 60-Ton Winches
  • Tandem Tractors with 30-Ton Winches
  • Tandem Front Axle Tri-Drive 45-Ton Swing Cab Stiff Boom Crane
  • Tridem Tractors with 18-Ton Stiff Booms
  • Tridem Tractor with a 12-Ton Knuckle Boom
  • 385″ Tandem Tandem & 410″ Tandem Tandem Bed Trucks
  • Pilot Trucks
  • 1 & 2-Ton Deck Trucks with Gooseneck Trailers
  • Single Axle Tractor
  • Single Axle 7.5-Ton Knuckle Picker
Trailers and Trailer Combinations
  • 8 and 16-wheel Jeeps
  • 4 and 8-Wheel Boosters
  • 10-Axle Trailer
  • 24w Lowbed & 24w Mid
  • Tridem Trombone Trailers
  • Tridem Double-Drop Trombone Trailers
  • Oilfield Safety Trailer
  • Scissorneck Trailers
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