Our equipment is new, well serviced, good iron. We can get your hauling done any time, any day, all year long.
Stuff happens in the oilfield … maybe you forgot to send the payroll envelope. We’ll hotshot it to your location fast. Or maybe you bought some equipment at an auction and need it hauled to your yard. Got some pipe that needs to be moved … we’ve got pickers for that. Need a winch tractor to haul that compressor … yep, we do that too.

You name it … we can haul it … 24/7.

Equipment includes:

  • tri-drive tractors with 60 ton winches
  • tandem tractors with 30 ton winches
  • tandem front axle tri-drive 45 ton swing cab stiff boom crane
  • tandem tractors with 18 ton stiff booms
  • tridem tractor with a 14 ton knuckle boom
  • 2 ton truck with 2 ton picker
  • 1 & 2 ton deck trucks with launchers & gooseneck trailers
  • 8w and 16w jeeps
  • 4w and 8w boosters
  • 24w lowbed
  • tridem trombone trailers
  • tridem double drop trombone trailers
  • oilfield safety trailer
  • scissorneck trailers



3 to 45 Tons Pickers

Winch Tractors

Hot Shots

Hot Shot – Deck and Launchers

1 & 2 Tons with Goosenecks

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Independently owned and operated

Jonnys is an independently owned and operated transportation company located in Nisku that began in 2004 as a one man, one truck and one trailer operation providing hot-shot delivery.

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