There are many subcontractor opportunities to work at Jonnys. Opportunities for qualified subcontractors exist in the following trucking areas:

  • 1 Ton and Trailer Hot Shot
  • Picker Units
  • Winch Tractors
  • Hay Shaker

It is expected that the subcontractors with which we contract to will share a commitment to workplace health and safety. As part of the process of identifying potential subcontractors, we review several features of the subcontractor’s commitment to health and safety and their safety programs.

Consideration for work begins with the process of completing a Subcontractor Package and submitting them to us.  Once we have received all this information your company will be “graded” into one of the following classes:

  1. This company meets or exceeds all expectations and is on our “first-call” list.
  2. This company has only minimum requirements to be hired but may still be dispatched if all “A” category companies cannot supply.
  3. This company does not have acceptable safety standards to be hired at this time.
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