Types of Load

Jonnys services both dimensional and multi-dimensional loads, operating 24/7.

Quotations, Pricing and Permits

Jonnys provides professional quotes & pricing that will assist your team in making timely and accurate decisions. Jonnys applies for the appropriate permits for all loads and equipment, providing options and avoiding delays for our clients whenever possible. Contact us to find out how our customized trailer configurations can accommodate your transport needs.

Cargo and Load Tracking

Cargo must be structurally sound and adequately bound to withstand the rigours of transport. All of our trucks have GPS tracking abilities to ensure the safe transportation of every load.

Equipment includes:

  • Tri-Drive Tractors with 60-Ton Winches
  • Tandem Tractors with 30-Ton Winches
  • Tandem Front Axle Tri-Drive 45-Ton Swing Cab Stiff Boom Crane
  • Tridem Tractors with 18-Ton Stiff Booms
  • Tridem Tractor with a 12-Ton Knuckle Boom
  • 385″ Tandem Tandem & 410″ Tandem Tandem Bed Trucks
  • Pilot Trucks
  • 1 & 2-Ton Deck Trucks with Gooseneck Trailers
  • Single Axle Tractor
  • Single Axle 7.5-Ton Knuckle Picker
Trailers and Trailer Combinations
  • 8 and 16-wheel Jeeps
  • 4 and 8-Wheel Boosters
  • 10-Axle Trailer
  • 24w Lowbed & 24w Mid
  • Tridem Trombone Trailers
  • Tridem Double-Drop Trombone Trailers
  • Oilfield Safety Trailer
  • Scissorneck Trailers
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