Types of Load

Jonnys services both dimensional and multi-dimensional loads.

Quotations, Pricing and Permits

Jonnys provides a professional quoting/pricing process that will assist your team in making timely, accurate decisions.  Jonnys applies for the appropriate permits for all loads and equipment, providing options and avoiding delays for our clients when possible. Contact us to find out how our customized trailer configurations can accommodate your transport needs.

Cargo and Load Tracking

Cargo must be structurally sound and properly bound to withstand the rigours of transport.  Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking ability to enable tracking of your load at all times.


All loads hauled by Jonnys are subject to the conditions of carriage set out in Schedule 3 of the Bill of Lading and Conditions of Carriage Regulation (Alberta Regulation 313/2002) enacted under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.   These conditions of carriage include exclusion and limitation of liability clauses whereby Jonnys, as the carrier, is entitled to limit its maximum liability CAD $2.00 per pound ($4.41 per kg) computed on the total weight of the shipment, unless declared valuation states otherwise and unless a premium has expressly been paid for cargo insurance to Jonnys up to that declared value.   are on Jonnys bills of lading, and the liability accepted on your bill of lading.  Additional insurance from our accredited broker is available depending on quotation at time of shipment.

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